Thursday, December 31, 2009

Less Than 24 Hours To End 2009

2009 is almost over and honestly, I cannot wait. I have had some difficult years in my life, but 2009 has been horrific as they come and I for one am looking forward to slamming shut the door on this disaster!

When I wake up tomorrow, I hope to wake up with a fresh perspective and a better look into the New Year. I am also going to be praying for physical changes to improve in my body and not deteriorate more.

Financially, for the first time in years, I believe my hubby and I will be on the same budgeting page and that should help us do our best for the upcoming year and that means to pay many of our bills off and get out from under the heaviness of owing so many so much!

As I write this, it is cold, rainy and windy and to me it is just Mother Natures way of blowing out and washing the air clean from a year in which so many people have suffered loss of jobs, lives, peace and security, savings, retirements, health and more.

I will be starting off the new year with a giveaway of small proportions and you won't know what I am giving away until around the 5th. My giveaways now will go from the 5th of each month and end on the 15th, so instead of having to wait for 30 days for a chance to win, you will know on the 16th of each month. Every month, same days, same rules and hopefully, many new people. Some of my giveaways will be international and others will be to the United States only due to shipping fees.

I am hoping to incorporate more quilting and less whining! HAHA!! I am also hoping to post my first mini-tutorial on here within the first month and see how that goes. I am also going to be incorporating more Christian articles and links and as always, if you need prayer, I am available.

The other thing I will be documenting, is my goal to become healthier, so you may read about my weight struggles, my physical health struggles, my goals & my flops and I hope this will not offend anyone.

My house is almost in order for 2010, I have begun my readings and I have begun trying to force myself to be in bed before 0300 in the morning. So far, I am struggling, because while mentally I want to sleep, physically, my body won' hurts, it jumps around, is spasms and it has not been very nice to me since my surgeries this summer. I am hoping to change that around somehow.

I hope you will not only continue to follow me, but share with me how you are doing and how 2010 is treating you and as always, I hope we can uplift and support each other with prayers, smiles and support!


karen hopkins said...

It has been a tough year here as well, sister... But you know what? no worries because 2010 is about success.. It's about's about soaking in the truth about who God says you are!! WOO HOO!!! HE likes YOU, sister, just the way you are, and Loves you even more!! When you have time, get into Threads of Hope blog, because I am being selfish here, and saying I want today's posting I just put up there, just for you, lol.. It speaks the name of Jean , lol.. You are who Jesus says you are! lol, you will see when you read it. Love you sister... lets kick the enemies butt, together, this year!!

Wendy B said...

Oh Jean, my thoughts and prayers are with you for an amazing improvement in 2010.....let's get through it together!
sugary hugs Wendy :O)

Rannyjean said...

Amen to you both and yes Wendy, I can always use a new prayer partner!