Sunday, December 20, 2009

Little Did I Know

I have always been honest when it comes to my family and for that reason, many of you know the reason I am sure a supporter of Angel Tree Ministries is what they do for the children of prisoners.

Yeah, yeah, cry me a river of how these guys and gals deserve to be behind bars for their crimes (you are right & I agree), but the Prison Angel Ministry isn't for the men and women in prison, it is for their children.

Today, was my grandchildrens day to go and pick up what their daddy has chosen for them and once again this year, I bawled like a baby. Someone had purchased for the middle one (diva girlie) a brand new bicycle and I am not sure who was more excited, her or her oldest sister.

All she kept saying, 'my daddy got me a new bike.' All her oldest sister kept saying was,' sister, you got a new bike, you really needed a new bike, now you have a new bike,' and she was genuine about it. Matter of fact, when the lady from the church told her that her gift hadn't been delivered yet, she didn't throw a fit, she said it was okay because Christmas wasn't today.

Hello, this is an 8 year old we are talking about and she was so stoic. In the end however, it turns out there was a gift for her sitting in the back of the tree and she was excited. What is also so amazing this year, is their dad got to have a special message placed on each gift for them.

I couldn't even read the tags to the kids without crying. Each one wished them Merry Christmas using their special nickname their daddy calls them and there was another very special shared wording, so they knew without a doubt, these gifts were chosen from their dad for them.

Many of us think about the time and the crime, but we truly do forget the innocent ones, the children that didn't do the crime, would do the time if they could with their parents, but they are the ones that suffer. No matter what, these children still love their parents very much.

These children already carry a heavy burden in their hearts, I hear it all the time and yet, most children in this situation are kind and loving and don't deserve to have nothing at Christmas. All kids should get something.

So, maybe you live in one of the states in which all the kids are receiving gifts this year, it isn't to late to reach out and donate to those that aren't.

California still needs gifts for 5230 children
Texas for 3639 children
Mississippi 1654 children
Michigan 1303 children
Illinois 3653 children
Pennsylvania 1552 children
Indiana 2189 children
Virginia 403 children
North Carolina 3552 children
Ohio 2463 children
Kentucky 1378 children

It costs approximately $40 to sponsor one child. I know things are tough this year, for me, for you, for family members, but I know that I have food to eat, a warm bed to sleep in and a Christmas tree. I am sure I can find $40 to support Angel Tree Ministries, can't you find it in your heart this year to send a donation?

You see, my husband and I are blessed! We have three very wonderful grandchildren who we love very much and who love us very much back. They are blessed to have someone who loves and cares for them, many of these children have no one.

At Angel Tree, it isn't just about the gifts, it is about sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with others and making a difference in someone elses life. If you aren't sure about this yet, follow this link to the stories of how Angel Tree makes a difference. You can too, it doesn't have to be a lot, just a little is a help.

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SkippyMom said...

I have never heard of this, but it is a lovely organization, isn't it?

I will certainly remember this for next Christmas. We always adopt a local child but I know we can do both. Thank you for sharing this.

Glad you gkids were blessed by their daddy and a kind stranger.