Sunday, December 6, 2009

Should You Bite The Hand That Isn't Feeding You?

Today, I have decided to ask the question, is it okay, or should you, bite the hand that isn't feeding you? I am very skeptical of companies that want you to come in for an interview and then they wind up having no jobs and telling you that they are a pay-for-service company.

WOW! I thought those agencies went by the roadside long ago with the exception of the ones that are head hunters for CEO's and the likes. Guess I was wrong. After talking with one of these companies last week and hearing how many jobs they have at this time, I felt I would put in an application, what I and four others that were filling applications out at the same time heard was, 'if we get something in, we will call you.' In other words, they have no more jobs than I do!

Then there is our local employment office that I have been to numerous times this past week with resumes, applications, etc. and while they have access to company web-sites, not one of the trips I made got me in the door for an interview. Matter of fact, one of the companies web-sites doesn't even have the job advertised.

Sadly, all the jobs I sent applications out to, I could have found on my own searching through local and long distance company web-sites. Not one of the jobs asked for a requisition number or stated that I had to be referred by the employment office.

However, I did get a turn down for a job I applied for to work for the employment office. So it goes, that last week, I sent off via Email and snail mail 20 applications and two of them I drove to for a round trip of over 200 miles and yet, here I sit without a job while 50 more people in our area were laid off from the local ship yard.

I applied for a part-time job with our local hospital, just doing some of the things I have done in the past...customer service, medical collections, answering telephones and at least this time I received a notice they are looking at my application, however, since I have sent them numerous applications and resumes, I do not expect much. Matter of fact the last position I applied for, I was told I didn't have the qualifications.

While I try to be positive about this and know so many other people are going through it as well (for every job out there, I heard there is something like 100 applications per opening), I am getting depressed.

I know God has the perfect job for me and I know He isn't going to let us down. I have a group of prayer sisters that pray for me everyday and one of the things I was told is this: 'our God is better than sending you two hours away for a job.'

I know that every job I have applied for up until this point, there have been business closures, lay offs and bounced employee checks. Is he protecting me? I know He is, but it is scary to not have steady work or get your paycheck a month after you worked. If I could work minimum wage right now at fast food I would.

Yesterday, snowflakes fell for just a few moments, a huge reminder to me that God is in control & while attending my husbands holiday party, I did get the line on another education position that might keep me pretty busy...still, it is only a once a month paycheck and that is the real killer here!

For those of you looking for work as well, I will pray for you and that will keep my mind busy!

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Debbie said...

I understand what your going thru and I know that it will be a while before you find work. My husband was laid off in Jan. 2009. God has seen us through all things. It has been so difficult. Trust to god all things because no one else will help. Good luck, keep applying for jobs, apply for unemployment extensions, find out about college offers from unemployment. Some jobs lost qualify for re-education and you get paid to go to school. God bless