Saturday, December 26, 2009

Starting The New Year Early

My hubby and I have really never been the big New Years Celebration partiers, instead choosing to spend a quiet night at a friends house playing games or cards, staying at home and watching a good movie, etc..

But what I love about the New Year, is organization and I am starting early. After a wonderful Christmas shared with our best friend John at our home, I began cleaning and sorting things rooms first!

I love to organize and clean and while I really can't do to much on my own, I am very good at having the kids load old clothes into boxes or bags, listing things on our local recycle network, tossing trash into trash, saving the clothes boxes for next year and trying to make room where there isn't any. Right John?

Yesterday after dinner and everyone went to bed, John and I were discussing how much wasted space we have in the girls closet and how we can make better use of it. Today, I removed all the board games out of their closet and neatly placed them in their brothers room.

We cleaned his closet and drawers and wound up with 45 items of clothing and 2 backpacks. If anyone is interested, I am letting the entire lot go for $15 US + postage and it is still in nice shape.

I am now going into finish the toy box and his built in cabinet to see if I can get rid of some of the stuff in there. Interested in exercise videos? I have about 10 of the old VHS and I can no longer use them due to my back.

I hope to get the girls room started today and then tomorrow we will concentrate on putting all the Christmas stuff away and having it all packed.

I need one more calendar, my 2010 planning inserts and some plastic bins and I will be set. I love having everything all cleaned out and empty for the new year. It helps to unclutter my brain.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas! I know we sure did!


Sharon said...

I like to organize and throw out for the same unclutter my brain. LOL!

Rannyjean said...

Exactly, it is like removed the cobwebs from the ceiling!