Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Swing Over To Shawnee's For A Chance To Win A Miracles Devotional

So, here I am stuck in the end of December and I still haven't found the new devotional I want to use for 2010 (By the way it will be my best year ever!), when I saw that Shawnee is offering up a chance to win one for free.

The really cool thing about this is that it isn't one Devotional, she has several and all you have to do is follow this link for a chance to win: http://shawneett.blogspot.com/ and when you get there, let her know you came from the Quilting Ranny.

You might also want to follow Shawnee because she has some of the most amazing apron swaps ever not to mention some really great ideas for once a month cooking and she is just a special and amazing person to get to know!


karen hopkins said...

hey girl.. how was your holiday? Ours was alright.. nothing special but just enjoyed the time to just veg out, and have dinner at our daughters home in Union ( about 15 miles away )... How have you been? I have been praying for you, health, peace, provisions.. Hope Father God has given you all of the above, or joy in the waiting, if not.. Love you, friend.. here for ya!!

Rannyjean said...

It was totally wonderful! I have a job interview tomorrow and one next week!