Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Oh Wow! I just received a notice that I was chosen as a recipient of A Woman Inspired 2010 online conference and I am so excited as this fits right in with my desires to become more and more like God and getting closer to God.

The first conference is going to be amazing as it deals with what I love the most...organization. Well, nurturing our creativity & efficient living, so I am just so thrilled to have been blessed with this that I am dancing for joy and singing Gods praises!

Thank you so very much to A Woman Inspired for this opportunity!


Love 2 Quilt said...

That sounds great Jean, I love to hear more about it.

karen hopkins said...

woo hoo, Jean.. how cool for you.
Things are going better for you, I have prayed.. at least, you will be at peace with the things that the Lord is showing you.. I am taking a few days off, as my blog said, and my good friend, Holly has posted the last two days ( Mon and Tue, and will tomorrow as well )... then next week it will be probably Mon/ Tue - with another friend, posting.. tryig to deal with some stuff thats keeping me a bit scattered in my thoughts - God knew I needed a time to just focus on Him, and my own healing.. I miss the blogging though, lol.. but will be back soon.. Congrats again on the conference... God is good!!