Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Friendship Cards

I just listed these 8 handmade friendship cards in my shop over at Zibbet and I hope you will at least go over and take a look at them. I have never made cards for sale, but this morning I sat down and decided to jump in with both feet or maybe without my head, I don't know what I was thinking, but when I was done, I had 8 cards ready to sell.

With the holidays behind us and so many people still trying to catch up, I decided to offer them for a great price and include free shipping. If you like the thought of sending someone a handmade card instead of a Ecard and can't remember to send them off in the mail...

For a small additional fee, you can send me the name and address of the people you want these cards to go out to, what you want said on the card (I will not convey mean,malicious or obscene thoughts), when you want them sent along with your address as a return and I will do the rest for you.

Now, you no longer have an excuse for not sending an old friend, a new neighbor, a co-worker, family member, etc. a pick me up card that comes from your heart. After all, I love getting cards in the mail. There is just something magical to me when I get a card from someone that tells me they were thinking about me that day.

These cards can be used for anyday of the year you want and really for any occassion you want to cheer up a friend. Just a sample of the sayings I made up were:

Front: Between you and Me, Inside: Great friends last forever.

Front: Friends Inside: Are the true gifts of life.

Front: Thanks, Inside: For being the thread in my quilt of life.

There is one blank on the inside. All sayings are handwritten in silver jelly ink for a classier touch and more personal feel!

Today, there are so many things in our lives that are negative such as the news, politics, unemployment, broken families, a mail box full of bills. Wouldn't it just be nice to brighten someones day?
**I am flattered when someone tells me they love my work, but please, do not copy my work or purchase my items for resale as they are mine.**

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that Melinda is a sweetheart!