Thursday, January 28, 2010

Oh Rejoice, The Christmas Tree Is Outa Here!

So yesterday I got this hair brained idea (admit it, we all get them once in a while) that I was going to take the Christmas tree out of basement once and for all...gone, kaput, going once and this was going to be accomplished by placing one of those giant gift bags for bikes and such over it and then I'd carry it out.

Two things I didn't count on. The first one was the bag was smaller than my mind imagined it and it only covered the top portion of the tree and the second one was I couldn't get down on the floor to crawl under the tree to remove the holder.

So, when hubby came home, he came upstairs and asked, 'what were you thinking?' My thought was that if it was in a bag, I wouldn't be sweeping and vacuuming up pine needles. Now, he thought it was clever, but pretty funny.

Today, he not only took the tree outside, he carted off a truck full of stuff to the dump (I am talking junk...!), picked up under the car port, emptied the trash in his office (HEY! It's a great start!) and the utility room and helped me sweep up all the pine needles.

I feel better knowing the tree and other junk is gone. He feels better knowing I won't nag him about the tree anymore and that it is one thing totally off his -Honey Do- list. I feel better when things are a bit less messy and chaotic.

I am not obsessive clean, but I do like a clean home that doesn't have junk laying around all over because more often that not, I will trip over it before anyone else does!

Tomorrow I will be subbing and he has promised me to spend more time outside and in his office cleaning and putting things away. I told him if he just did it 15 minutes a day, it would be done quickly.

Now, he is out working on the race car, the kids are eating homemade Tapioca pudding and I am getting ready to put them to bed and tuck in myself.


Margie said...

Coming to you from follow friday. Thanks so much for the follow! Im following you too. Im glad the tree is gone. Now lets see if hubby can get some cleaning done while you are away..

Love 2 Quilt said...

Hey that is a good start. We still have pumpkins setting in the yard (actually in the snow) from Halloween!!