Sunday, January 31, 2010

Please Pray For Me...

Our neighbors are becoming more and more difficult lately over our 'shared driveway.' While they have parked a junker of a clunker with expired tags and refuse to move it at the top of the driveway, they have now decided they want the bottom as well.

This causes me or the kids or hubby to have to physically go knock on their door and wait for them to move it up or out several times per day. Today I moved when they asked me to and it took them 10 minutes sitting in their car before they backed out.

A few weeks ago, hubby was late to work because they kept saying they would move their car and took their time. We have been blocked in and unable to leave in the past because they parked it and left in one of the 6 vehicles they own. I guess having a motorcycle in their garage, a vehicle in their driveway on their street and 3 other vehicles parked in the street as well as the truck parked permanently in our shared driveway isn't good enough.

Today, they moved their car so I could park, immediately parked right back blocking the drive so hubby couldn't get in, pulled their car up and 20 minutes asked us to move so they could back out. When hubby asked why they didn't just move it behind his, they said they were exercising their right to their driveway.

I cannot afford an attorney, so I contacted some other people that work within the city to see if their isn't something that can be done. Unfortunately for us, our entire life savings is in this place and every day I hate it more and more.

I need prayers and don't ask me to pray for the neighbor, I have done that for almost 2 years now and it doesn't help, it just gets worse. So, if anyone has the money to hire a surveyor and an attorney and wants to buy a house cheap...let me know, I know where one will be for sale soon!


Yarni Gras! said...

oh, that sounds awful! What about calling the cops?
I'll surely pray for you!

Rannyjean said...

Val, it is on private property so the police can't do much. I am afraid it is going to take using city and county codes and probably an attorney!

Love 2 Quilt said...

Can you go to the city council and say something about them having all those vehicles parked there? We cannot have cars parked on the streets unless they are moved every day. Why is it that some people have to ruin it for everyone? They know it's not right. You've been thru enough without all of this too. Be strong, I am praying for you.

Chelsey said...

What a horrible situation. We had neighbours who blocked our driveway multiple times while parking on the street. We prayed and prayed ... and they moved! I'm praying yours will move to.

I can't stand it when people do something "because they can".

Is there any way to put a private driveway in just for you guys?