Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Prayer Book or Album

I am a member of the Proverbs 31 ministries, meaning I read their devotionals everyday, I follow their blogs and just love the uplifting messages I receive when I am on their web-site, it is very inspirational and thought provoking for me.

Today, I was reading the daily devotional about how we all need to strive to be today what we want to be tomorrow and always put our best foot, words, etc. forward. What I loved was reading about a woman who has a prayer book she uses to pray for others.

I have been around many wonderful Christ filled women, but none have ever shared this amazing idea with me, nor have I ever thought of it. Take a book...any type of empty book I am guessing, (notebook, journal, construction paper, etc.) and have a picture of the person you are praying for in it along with their name and other information such as prayers and answers.

I am so going to go out and begin this and I am starting with those people that need our prayers the most, our leaders from city government to the President of the United States, I am going to put them in my book and pray for them each day. I am going to pray for all our troops and their families as well and no, I can't have their pictures, but if I have a few as a reminder to pray for them, it will be fine.

Of course family members you would want to put in, friends, neighbors and anyone else who will allow you to take their picture and be up front, tell them why you are taking their picture, so you can pray for them.

Have a blessed day and please, say a prayer for me today as I truly need prayers!

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