Friday, January 22, 2010

What I Learned Today During My Mock Interview

Today, we did mock interviews at the local employment office. They have a class you can sign up for and it helps prepare you for interviews. I went yesterday and came home and did the homework...I thought I did anyway.

My problem was, I didn't sell myself the way I should. I told them about some of my accomplishments, but I didn't tell them the good stuff about me, such as I am dedicated, compassionate, a problem solver, etc. I aced the accomplishments section, what I have done and what I did...but not who I am.

I also didn't give the meat and to make money, save money and solve problems. But, it wasn't a totally negative interview and the feedback was great. I learned that while I can feel my neck and head one else can! Whew!! While I think I come off as arrogant or overly confident, I come off perfectly.

I look at the interviewers, I am prepared with proper documentation, John...I DO NOT SHAKE MY LEG!! and I do very well. The recommendation is that I will practice, practice and practice somemore over the next few weeks and go back for another round to see if I have improved. So, yo John, if you would like to come interview me..........nah! On second hand, I would probably really be nervous!

It was a great tool and I will be working over the next few weeks to really work on giving them the Why they should hire me answers! Wish me luck!

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Chris said...

Best of luck! Practice WILL make perfect. You know your strengths - so make the most of them. :)