Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hexi Quilt

I started working on this paper pieced hexagon quilt around a year or so ago, just wanting to try something new and being encouraged from the various hexagon web-sites and blog out in cyber space and thought originally I would make it for my granddaughter with pieces from dresses I had made her.

However, when my mom passed on, I decided to bring some of her clothing home with me and make this for someone very special that cannot be named here as I want it to be a complete surprise.

The pink cats are my moms jammies, the blue flowers are from my granddaughters dress and the rest is just scraps from what I have had laying around the house for years.

The top piece on this picture near the top is the next piece that will be placed into the group when I get it completed. This was a perfect project to take with me when the little one was having surgery, as it is least right now!

This last picture I just tossed some of the smaller hexi's that I have completed together so you could see what an eclectic mixture of colors and patterns this quilt will have in it when it is done.
Unlike many quilters, I do not always choose to 'match up,' my colors preferring instead to just use random scraps, colors and patterns and see what happens when they are all put together and finished.
Once the pinks jammies are gone, I have another pair that I will use and hope to at least have a twin sized comforter completed when this is all done.


Ashley said...

I love the variety of colors and patterns you are using in this quilt. I hope the recipient of the quilt will appreciate the time, effort, and thought you have put into it. It is a beautiful treasure.

P.S. I sent you an e-mail at 2:15 today. It occurred to me you might not get this one either though so please let me know if you don't get it again. Sorry for the confusion and thank you!

Judy said...

Lovely project, Jean. oxo

Margaret said...

The hexagon quilt is going to be good and I can see some material that I won in a giveaway from you last year.