Wednesday, March 24, 2010

National Health Care...Weigh IN

I am not a politician, but even I can see that the way the national health care bill is written and the way the American people fought to prevent it and all the problems it caused as written, this is NOT going to be a good thing.

Forgive me ya'all, but not even a cute little boy is going to make us want this once we really see what it is going to cost.

I believe we need health reform, I just do not think we need a multi-billion dollar bill that is going to cost us what we don't have already. Who is going to stop the insurance companies now from raising our already high rates to more than we can afford?

Congress? The president? The Senate? Pelosi (thats a good one)? They can't make the banks do what they want even after 'we the people,' got fleeced and bailed the banks out. What has happened to us since? I have a bank that won't allow me to put my paycheck in on payday and get money out because it isn't drawn on their bank account!

I have a bank that wants to know why I want to close out my savings account when they aren't giving me anything to hold it open and as a great friend told this same bank...'I can earn just as much as you are giving me by leaving my money under my is zero no matter how you look at it!

I think if we truly disagree with this and if you don't, that is okay, we are all entitled to our opinions...after all, it is still a 'free country,' but if you , like me do not agree,we need to make our opinions known and vote anyone who voted for this out of office when their time comes.

Remember one very important thing...all of THEM, get free health care for life and the best there is, they are not going to be the ones suffering at all, so basically, they don't care, all they care is about party lines.

Yes, as long as you voice your feelings without attacking anyone elses, feel free to leave an opinion. If you have to attack, use profanities, etc. don't leave an opinion.


Denise :) said...

Well put. I think you're spot on in your observations! There's a Ranny on the yahoo quiltersbee mailing list I'm on; she always tags her e-mails with a (para) quilt or to cook? Honey, go get McDonalds! Is this you, by chance? Denise :)

Rannyjean said...

I haven't been on Yahoo quiltersbee forever...someone stole my name????? :)