Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Post Op...Not a Good Night

While he was in surgery, we found this adorable Curious George in the gift shop at the hospital. We wanted him to have something to hug when he woke up.

Surgery went well and didn't require any type of grafting at all. He came to the room, awake and eating a popsicle...2 minutes after the last bite...up came the popsicle and a few minutes later, up came the rest.

We got him settled down and the nurse hearing about him wanting to wear glasses brought his little friend a pair of sun glasses. He went sleeping for several hours here and you can see, his little ears are really wrapped up!

He woke up several hours later and immediately threw up again. They sent him home and when we got to the motel, I gave him some apple juice and you guessed it, he tossed it up and later macaroni and cheese.

Finally, it hit me. Every time he ate, he got up and moved around. So, I gave him a teaspoon of yogurt, kept him in bed and waited 30 minutes and repeated it. Around 9:00 he ate some mac and cheese and had some 7-Up and it stayed in.

He slept most of the night getting up once to have some water and going right back to sleep. George has not left his side or his arms since we gave him to him.

Today, we drove home and he did well and has slept most of the day.

We covet all prayers and ask that he heal quickly and that the intense itching he has will soon go away. These bandages come off in a few weeks and I can't wait to see his sweet ears!


Judy said...

Bless your little guy's heart. He looks like he's been through it. What a lovely thing for a little boy to wake up to...Curious George is a long-time family friend.

I hope and pray for a quick recovery...and for the wonderful grandmother who cares so much for him.

oxo Judy

Margaret said...

You and your family have been thriough a bit over the last couple of days, lovely to see the smiling faces though. Blessings

Ashley said...

I remember having surgery when I was around his age and how miserable that recovery period is. Hope your little guy is feeling better today and that he continues to improve rapidly!

Melinda Cornish said...

awwwww, give him a hug for me.....