Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dresden Plate Butterfly

I am learning that I really enjoy piecing quilts. Well, perhaps I should explain that more...since all quilts require piecing. I have discovered that I really enjoy (once I get the hang of it), the smaller pieced quilts such as this cute Dresden Plate butterfly quilt.

For some reason or other, the camera took reddish pics of this, so I will have to do it over again when it is finished because this quilt back ground is actually purple.

The pieces of the butterfly wings are made up of one of my granddaughters dresses that I have made in the past and I just love polka dots.

Once it is all pieced, I will use a gelled fabric paint for the antennea on the butterflies and it will be adorable.

I am also using a pieced backing in larger squares so this quilt will be reversible.

I had a difficult time understanding the concept of how these worked, but once I figured it out...well, watch here for a short tutorial on it just in case you have having the same problem I was.

BTW, if anyone is interested in this pattern, I have the pattern and template up for grabs! Be the first one to leave a comment telling me you want it and an Email address or mailing address and I will drop it in the mail to you.

With so many yummy patterns out there to work on, I usually do not repeat the same quilt or quilt pattern twice~!


Sharon said...

That is going to be beautiful!!!

Margaret said...

That is really neat and will look just right with the antennae painted on.

Melinda Cornish said...

this looks like fun and good stress relief for you...you should check out my last two blog posts......really.

karen hopkins said...

After weeks of thought, and prayer, and counsel , I have finally decided ( without guilt or shame ) to delete my blog, known as Karensthreadsofhope.blogspot.com .. I have been thinking long, and hard about doing it because frankly, I am tuckered out, and need to take some personal time , and let the Lord show me the next step of His journey , using me - but first it must mean , and I say the word MUST strongly, that I move out of the way, and let Him do the healing, and moving in my life, alone.

My personality, and I believe also a gift, is to be an encourager through my writing. That means the blog, as well as notes here on facebook. Though , if He leads me to post a note here on FB every now and then, I will obey, but for the time being, I must stop , and listen both to my body, and to my Lord about doing anything else in the form of writing..

I pray that if anyone of you have needs for prayer, that you reach out to someone you know who will continue to do that for you. Just know that I will still pray , and I do that ALOT - just because I need to stop, and care for myself for a time, it does not mean I will stop praying for you, my friends.. some of you my dear, dear friends..

My prayer is this for those that have been faithful to follow me .. Please, continue to walk in the steps of the Lord.. Please, please, do not stop seeking after our Lord, because this is key to a full, and abundant life .. But also, be sure to take time , personal time, for yourselves if you are in the blogging ministry .. Yes, blogging is a ministry when the Lord uses those of us who love to write. But it is very heavy work sometimes, and to carry the load of many prayer requests, and ministry requests - all I can say is it wears a body down physically, emotionally, and mentally.. sometimes even spiritually if the enemy worms his way in to show us another avenue that takes our full view off of Jesus. For me, my spiritual life has had its ups and downs, from losing friends here in town because of my writing the blog, to losing dear friends to physical death after walking them towards the Cross, and then watching Aids and other illnesses kill their bodies.. This is the most painful part of investing so much time in writing.. But time, for me personally, that I have loved, and found challenge and ministry blessings in doing.

But thru tears right now, I have to stop.. I have to take care of Karen, and let God take care of the rest of my dear family in Christ, and friends.. I am weary, yet I am expectant as to now letting God be God, and giving Him my hand now to move me in the steps He wants me to go.
I hope you all keep seeking Him, and Hanging onto the Thread of Hope that He will not let go of with you.
I love you all.. thank you for being my friends, and know I am still here on fb to catch up on how He is working in your lives..

Tulsi said...

This is very cool. I'm at the ending of my beginning quilting classes. I took it last year and loved it. I didn't get all of my blocks done and they were doing the same quilt so I retook it to finish. We are doing "cheese and crackers" in two weeks and "Stack and Whack" next week. I originally took the first class last year because I have some pieced quilt tops from my great grandma and great great aunt. And some dresden plates that I didn't know what to do with. My grandma did them the hard way. I thought I'd hate figuring it out, but with new techniques, I really love todo the dresden plate. I hope it turns out really well. So far so good!

American Quilter's Society said...

This looks great, we can't wait to see the finished product. Thanks for sharing your lovely blog, keep up the great work!