Saturday, April 17, 2010

If You Live In Phoenix, Avoid Camelback Ford, Lincoln-Mercury

You have seen their ads in Autotrader and probably heard their jingles on the radio and television, but if you are looking for an honest car dealership, want a fair shake on a used car and expect to be treated with respect....DON'T GO TO CAMELBACK FORD, LINCOLN-MERCURY!
This dealership still believes in snake oil, white shoes and slimey car salesmen. They are good at the bait and switch tactics and will not sell you what you are looking for (at the low end) but try to strong arm you into a car you can't afford.
Hello CFLM, have you not heard we are in the midst of an economic crisis? Have you not seen car dealers closing their doors? Why are you still doing business the old way? Not enough sales on your hands?
Here is what happened. I find my son a car. They go to look at it and don't ya know it...they just sold that one, however, they would be more than willing to sell them one for over $8000. Now, here is the kicker, not only on autotrader, but on their web-site they show several decent looking cars for under $2000 and they just happened to be fresh out of them when they went to look.
They even told them they had a 'trade-in,' coming which we both know was just a ploy to get them to hang around the dealership longer to try to harass them into a purchase they can't afford. Of course, they left and just out of curiosity, they called back and wouldn't ya know it, as if on cue, the other car never showed up.
If you live in the Phoenix area, save your time, avoid this car dealer like the plague and try one of the friendlier dealers that won't pull this con!
It sucks to take the bus, but it sucks more having someone think you are saps!

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