Saturday, April 10, 2010

This is one of the resident gulls who watches over where I work. Isn't he cute? The beach was busy today, the parking lots full as I am sure many people were out on the water fishing and enjoy the wonderful day it was after all the months of rain we have had.

Since my grandson had never been to my office, we stopped by and I showed him around. We parked in front of the office and this little guy was just sitting there like he was watching guard over the place.

More like he was the watch gull for these little bandits that were hanging around the open storage probably trying to scrounge up some grub from whomever was working today. But more like trying to steal fish if they can.
This was the ocean as it breaks at the jetty and you can see the outline of the Olympic mountains in the background. I just love this picture as you can see the backspray from the waves as they hit the rocks and this was calm in comparison to many days.
We are just so blessed to live near such beauty and I am blessed beyond my wildest imagination working so close to all of this. When God puts things together, OH is breathless and all I can say is, 'Thank you Lord for your goodness!'

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