Thursday, May 13, 2010

CSN Stores

I found my item at CSN stores and it took several hours or perusing around because I couldn't make up my mind if I wanted a TV Stand, cookware, kitchen ware, new comforter for my bed, stuff for the kids and then it hit me...a FAN!

I wanted a new bathroom fan/light combination for the bathroom remodel we are doing and because that is the loudest fan I have ever heard in my life...not a loud clackety, clack but a booming grinding sound, it is awful.

We have been looking for quite awhile and in case you haven't price them, they are not cheap, the quiter they are, the more they cost and the cheaper they are, the uglier they are.
So, I chose this Panasonic, Whisperlite fan/light combination and it is rated at whisper quiet. I liked the sleekness in its design and it will fit in the remodeled bathroom perfectly.
Thanks to CSN, the purchase was as easy as a walk in the park. I located what I wanted, clicked on the purchase, entered by $60 gift certificate and in a matter of seconds was dancing around the living room because this fan only cost me $62 and for a fan of that price, it would be as loud as my old one.
I saved $60, got free shipping, easy ordering and I will be a repeat customer.
Thank you CSN Stores!

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