Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Helping Tennessee Flood Victims

I have dropped the ball on this one and should have posted this awhile back. However as you can tell, my blogging posts over the last few weeks have slowed considerably & that is due to some issues with my back and not being able to sit for to long at one time.

Many of you sew, crochet, quilt and knit and all of us who read blogs can be thankful to God that we have our home, a warm place to stay and all of our belongings. Many of those people in Tennessee lost all.

If you would like to contribute to this cause, they are in need of everything:
  • Toiletries
  • Toothbrushes
  • Towel sets
  • New or gently used clothing in all sizes (please do not send garbage clothing!)
  • Blankets & quilts (baby, infants, children, teens and adult sized)
  • Money

I am placing an address here for you to mail things to and no, you do not need to let me know you are going to do this. This is between you and God! WalMart or local thrift stores probably have scads of clothing under $5. You can pick up shoes at WalMart (please, no sandals).

What about doing a swap? Someone can start a quilt swap...put together several squares and send it off to someone else to do a few more. If you are part of a craft guild. These people have nothing and we can help. You don't have to send huge boxes full of things, just a shoe box full of deodorant, toothpaste, etc.

Some of you make purses & diaper bags, make a few, have friends, family and church fill them up and then mail them off.

If you get creative or want to share, I would love to know what you did, but it isn't required!

Nashville Metro – 911 CARES


Michelle Peterson2060 15th Avenue SouthNashville, TN 37212

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Melinda Cornish said...

you always so good about staying up on this kind of thing...thanks for the info!