Saturday, June 12, 2010


I have been so pre-occupied lately, I haven't had time to post and I know I promised you as soon as I finished my daughter-in-laws quilt I would show it off. Here it is! One of my lucky bloggers won this pattern and I hope soon, she will show us how she interpreted this!

I put it all together and then I sewed the binding on with clear monofilament thread and finished off with some varigated knots on the corners. They just moved into a new apartment, so I know Katie will find a place to hang this one!

This second picture shows the heart hand quilting I did on both sides. I was actually pretty happy with the way it came out.

The final picture is the back all completed and missing the label which I will get on today and then pack it up and off it goes to Katie.

Now that that is completed, I should be able to get around to making a few for the people involved in the terrible disasters across the United States and then some more for my family and friends!

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Melinda Cornish said...

its adorable, she is going to be so excited to get it....