Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Victory Means Compromising

So, I have been dealing with a large corporation that I have a legitimate bill for and who have worked with me to help us when I wasn't working. While they may be one of the larger companies responsible for the melt down of the economy & were going to spend thousands to have a bigwig dinner...they have been very sympathetic to my plight.

Then, I contacted them a few weeks ago because their wonky math wasn't making any sense and I spoke to a CSR who was a real jerk and told me to refinance of forget it and he didn't even know the CEO's name....he does now I am sure!

After spending 2 days trying to comprehend how they came up with the figures they did, I wrote their CEO and explained my situation and how I really want to and am doing my best to pay them off ASAP, but they had to meet me in the middle somewhere!

Today, my cell phone rang and this big corporation has agreed to meet me in the middle. So, while my interest rate isn't 8% any longer, I am not paying 24% either and they are capping my monthly interest rate at less than $26 (it was over $40) and anything I send them over that will be applied to the principal for faster pay off.

We met in the middle, I can breath and they are getting their money a tad bit short of 24% interest, but we are all happy and I can only say, sometimes writing to the CEO helps and of course being polite is great!


Ashley said...

Glad to hear they were reasonable and it all worked out for you!

Lisa said...

Happy to hear they gave in a little :)