Friday, August 27, 2010

Don't Give Up....Your Dreams

I make quilts, that is what I firmly believe God has called me to do. I make big quilts and small quilts, baby quilts and lap quilts and I just feel led by the spirit to make them to the point that many days that is all I want to do. Not that it IS all I do.

I don't always use 1/4" seams (shame on me!), I don't always match my fabric perfectly, sometimes my squares or triangles don't meet up where they should and I struggle with binding no matter how many times I have watched others do it & yet, I make quilts.

If I am lucky, I sell one or 2 along the way and put that money to good use towards some charity such as Grandparents Raising Grandchildren, St. Judes Hospital, Our church missionaries or one I feel led to help with. Many times, my quilts sit folded in a closet awaiting the time to be presented to someone in need.

Oh, I make quilts for family and friends, like this one posted above, but my heart is for those who are really in need. Ever since I was a small girl, I had this dream of owning a travel trailer and I would travel to places that needed help and I would help. My dream back then was I would be a nurse and vaccinate all those in need, help old people and do what was needed and then move on. Life got in the way, I convinced myself I couldn't pass the math portion of nursing and gave it up.

But then, out of the blue last week, I get this Facebook message from someone I am going to reject because I don't recognize the name, instead I asked who they is the message that followed:
***Matthew Payne August 8 at 1:15am Report
You made a quilt for my co-worker's son, when he was diagnosed with a rare condition. You contacted us through 911 cares. Thank you so much for what you do!Matt Payne911/Police/Fire DispatcherIndianapolis Airport Authority ***

I made that quilt several years ago and I still follow the young mans progress.

I tend to believe in our world of scepticism (and I am the worst sceptic of all), we don't always believe things people blog about or say they do. When I ask for assistance in making 52 more quilts for orphans in Sierra Leone and get not one person to step up to help & I know quilters are wonderful charitable people, I wonder if maybe people don't believe me. Though one would wonder what I would personally do with 52 quilts.

When I ask for others to make quilts for disaster victims through 911 Cares and hear nothing, I wonder if the economy has hardened us so that we don't trust anyone and don't want to help anyone. I sit in my own little world and watch the world around me and my heart cries out to help, it is who God made me to be!

I still have a dream. Now I want a 5th wheel toy hauler & I want to be able to jump in it and travel to any area hit by disaster and for 3-7 days, I want to quilt for those in need. If God wants me to do this it will happen, but most times, it is my own head talking...but I can dream & no one can take those away from any of us.

A few days ago I told my hubs that I think I want to get rid of all my quilting stuff and just be done with it. There are days when I feel overwhelmed with life & quilting seems self indulgent. Not to mention, I have given away and destashed almost 20 yards of fabric this year and I still have bins full & that overwhelms me much fabric and not enough time.

I gave away more fabric this week and prayed and told God, this is it. I am finished unless you really want me to continue and this is what I found in my facebook 3 days ago:

Kevin Willett August 24 at 12:01pm
Hi Jean!I am asking a few people to write a page or less on what life is like 5 years after Katrina. Katrina was of our largest events ever for 911 cares and I want to send out a newsletter that honors the 5 year path you have all taken. I want the people that made donations or personal trips know what impact they had in any way. I want to thank the folks like John that volunteered time and I want to remind people how "paying it forward" matters in our profession. Just let your heart write whatever you want to share with fellow 9-1-1 professionals and the folks that donated stuff to help you all. The only down side is that I need it by THURSDAY at midnite if possible. Feel free to share this with anyone else at your place, I only have so many e-mail addresses while I travel. Call or e-mail with questions - THANKS –

I believe God has spoken and I am to continue on. Sooooooooooo, if anyone out there knows of a really nice 5th wheel quad bunkhouse or Keystone toyhauler with a truck to haul it that is being auctioned off as a giveaway or donation...let me know and yes, I know I am funny, but a wise man once told me, 'if you are going to dream, dream bigger than life!'

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Brenda said...

I love your heart. I hope to be in a position to do that. Our family struggles just to pay bills in this economy so quilt fabric is a luxury. I have been saving some fabric to make my son for graduation next year. I have the top almost done. Bless you for being so giving of your time, talent, and resources to help others!