Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Titus 2 Woman

I signed up for a womans Titus 2 bible study with my church and I believe with all my heart I am supposed to be doing this. It is supposed to run from 6:30 until 8:00 but last night was our first real in depth study and we were all so engrossed in the lessons, that we ran over. I have a feeling we will run over more often, but in small groups, your more relaxed and able to say what you feel.

I am sad to say that no matter how much I pray for forgiveness, I have bitterness in my heart not for the people that hurt me, but the people that hurt my grandchildren. Whether they do it deliberately or not, it breaks my heart when people call them and make them promises and then never follow through. How cruel can someone be?

I am not talking about one time, I am talking repeatedly telling them they will do something and then not doing it! Calling them and telling them they are sending them Christmas or Birthday gifts and these kids anxiously waiting for the mail to arrive daily for several weeks and when it doesn't arrive, they make excuses for the adults.

Telling them they will call them and never calling again for months on end and yet...children are so forgiving and loving and so happy to hear from the others but I have noticed lately that 2 of them are becoming bitter and that hurts and deeply saddens me.

How can people be cruel to children? I don't understand it! I don't say anything during these times, I try to soothe the broken hearts and make excuses for the adults...but should I? Then I ask once again for forgiveness in my heart towards these people who hurt these little ones.

People in my group said I need to pray more and be diligently seeking forgiveness and I do and I pray for them and non for ill will to befall them. Does God forgive me when I get upset with these people? Does he know I feel helpless in these situations?

Please, if for some instance you are a person who does this...STOP!! It hurts the children!

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Margaret said...

I sympathise with you on this issue. How can we learn and teach trust?