Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Week-End Storm Brought This

At this time, I am no longer working week-ends, but these pictures were taken over the week-end when the first storm of the season hit Washington's coast and they are amazing!

This is the wall directly in front of our administrative building and you can see the waves think nothing of coming over it. I do however believe this was prior to the Army Corps of Engineers repairing the wall and raising it up higher.

With the second photo, I can actually feel the force of the water rushing up against the rocks and hear the loud sound of the surf! You can barely
see the yellow line that goes down the center of our two-way street as it was under water as well.

This last one is of the water that came through our place of business. Notice the stacked two high cement barricades the owner placed around to keep as much at bay as we could. They were also stacked 2 deep, had heavy duty plastic at the bottoms with sand bags.

What appears in the background as a bridge is exactly that. Last year two of our maintenance people built this so it could be placed over the blocks when they were single stacked so the ladies at work didn't have to crawl over the blocks coming to or going from work.

It made it easier if we got to work prior to the plant people because they had to move the blocks with a forklift. I thought it was a kind and wonderful gesture. You can also see the building was sandbagged. I do not think there was much more that could have been done that wasn't done to ensure we were prepared for the onslaught of water.

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Robin said...

Wow. You don't think about how powerful nature is until it unleashes something like this on you. Seeing it up close and personal makes you appreciate so many things, including how people come together in a crisis. Thanks for sharing your pictures and your story.