Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What Will They Say Next...What Is A Period?

So, I don't know what is going on with our oldest, now that she is in 4th grade she is one big bag heap of emotions and stubborness (much more than usual). If I ask her to do something, she asks why, over and over again or just looks and rolls her eyes.

Cry? Oh seems no matter what I say to her, she bursts into tears. Play your guitar (bawling), eat your dinner (bawling), watch tv (bawling) is pretty emotional. More with me, if her Papa says anything, she bursts out laughing to the point of tears...we can't figure it out.

So, here we are at dinner this evening and she gets up and asks if she can make herself and her siblings some chocolate milk. I told her yes and she brings everything to the table and prepares siblings milk first and then makes hers and is muttering about something. I asked her what was wrong?

She looks as me and states, 'I hate Hershey's Chocolate .' I then ask why she asked for chocolate milk. 'I didn't want Hershey' chocolate, I wanted Ovaltine!' Okay says me, then why didn't you ask for Ovaltine? Out come the tears as she says, 'because you said it was for breakfast!' By now she is boo hooing.

In steps my hubs thinking he is being discreet and quiet and he tells me, 'you had better watch this one, I think she may be starting her period soon as that is definitely some PMS symptoms.' The crying stops as if the sun just came out, she looks at him with this incredulous look on her face as she states, 'I know what a period is!' Then she bursts into laughter.

Diva girl on the other hand, is laughing with her (I am sooooooooooooo not ready for this!) and proudly announces, I know what a period is too, it goes on the end of the sentence!' Needless to say hubs and I burst into laughter and here she was thinking she got it right!

Both girls then sat there laughing until tears streamed down their faces.

When dinner was over the oldest let her Papa know that periods come with puberty and her friends are now wearing cups (bras) to school!

What will they say next?


Pamelot of Road to Joy said...

OH my, we have 3 girls, and the drama, the tears, the COMPETE IRRATIONALITY :)

Gotta love 'em

I found you on Over 40 Bloggers.

Glad I did!

Pokey said...

FEEmales- gotta love 'em!

the Chacogirl said...

LOVED your post today. As the the mother of three girls (almost 15, almost 12 and almost 10) i know exactly how that scene went. Our middle daughter is in that phase now. I'd like to take all the worries and tears away, but I can't. I just hug more often:)
And.... I got your package in the mail yesterday! Thank you so much for making me such a special pillow and sending it to me! I'll be posting about that in my blog sometime soon! Have a great weekend and hug those precious girls!

Rannyjean said...

Glad you got it Brenda and liked it. Yes, I am hearing it is typical 4th grade girl behavior....ohhhhhhhhhh are we in for more, but ya gotta hug them and laugh and cry with them!

Robin said...

Thanks for dropping in on my blog. What a great story. You gotta love the things kids say! Too funny:-)

Melinda Cornish said...

her hormones are talking, that is for sure....lucky you.