Monday, November 15, 2010

Finding Joy in Odd Places

So, yesterday was my first try at leading a Cub Scout meeting and as luck or fate would have it, the boys and were dealing with a pile of garbage on my kitchen table determining what is recyclable and what is regular garbage.

We discussed a tad bit about compost piles, glass and were talking about how we can save energy when all of a sudden my lights blinked, then blinked again and a third time. I thought I tripped a breaker, until I looked outside and everyone was dark.

We did complete the meeting, after all, we are scouts and it was almost over, so we discussed our options for next week and it ended.

The grands and I went around opening curtains and assessing what we had if it lasted longer. This was almost like a drill for us.

Girl Scout are prepared as well...we had 2 flashlights in the girls closet. One was fully functional with a bright light and the other had NO batteries. Checked the large flashlight in my closet and it was nice and bright, the emergency flashlight was working, all my candle wicks were long and the battery operated camping light was fully functional. Our two wind up radio/lights/cell phone chargers were functional.

On a mental side note....I need more batteries for the one flashlight and the radio/tv combo downstairs. The tv won't work anymore, but the radio does and if it were a longer than 4 hour outage, it would be good for the kids. We are going to purchase more of the large battery operated camping lights as we can....they are expensive, but worth the extra light!

We do have a generator, however, it isn't hooked up to the house yet, so hubby would have to come home and plug it in, so just as he was getting ready to do that...the power came back on!

We also need to clean out the carport area as we do have propane stove and oven and can't use those indoors and our deck has no cover, so the carport would be an ideal place to fix breakfast or dinner if needed.

We all sat down and played a few board games and hangman and just enjoyed not having any lights as a time to have fun together, laugh and be a family. We do a lot together, but sometimes we are doing different things and going in different directions.

Once in awhile, a good power outage is what we need to laugh, giggle, tell jokes and forget having to do laundry, cook dinner or other things we know we have to do and just have an excuse to have fun and relax!

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