Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Jesus Was A Busy Man

I keep asking myself why I got hurt and of course there really is no reason except I slipped on the ice and it truly is a simple as that. Or is it?

We live in the most blessed of countries where we can come and go as we choose, we live a live of luxury and opulence in comparison to other places and yet, it seems the people that have nothing always appear happier than those of us, who have so much more.

Why is that? Because we allow our lives to get so busy and so cluttered we do not take time to stop and thank Jesus the way we should. We say quick prayers at meal time and many times even quicker prayers at bedtime and fall into bed exhausted and for what?

So we can give our children or grandchildren more junk, more clutter, less time to be kids? I was thinking this morning how I went to school during the week, goofed off on the week-ends or many Sundays our family was on a road trip. Imagine that, getting into the car and going...nowhere in particular and my dad could find some great places when we went nowhere in particular!

I remember trips to Yosemite, Napa Valley, San Francisco, Strawberry, Sacramento, San Jose and smaller towns I can't even remember the names of and these were day trips....up early, home late and no excuse for not going to school the next day since we slept in the car on the way home! It was a blast!

My parents played baseball, tag, relay races with us. Not video games! We read books, played board games and while my brother was the super star in our home having excelled in baseball (Little League), Pop Warner football, I can't ever remember feeling I was missing something because I wasn't involved in something after school!

I played an instrument and quickly gave it up realizing it wasn't my thing. I played school sports...baseball, basketball between schools, I was in girls athletic association after school in high school....but I wasn't tied up in tournaments, etc.

I hear parents exclaiming how tired they are and I know kids that walk around like Zombies because they are busy every night with something. I know a young lady who has voice lessons and private dance lessons in the morning, then school, then after school sports until around 6 and then private music lessons, acting lessons, cheer camps, etc.. Sadly, if you ask her about it, she will tell you, she doesn't want to do most of these things, her mom makes her!

In comparison I wonder how much busier Jesus was than we make ourselves to be? Think about it, from the time he appeared each morning, the masses followed Him around, they wanted to be healed, fed, taught, to know more, they wanted to just be near Jesus and others wanted to harm Him.

Imagine what time of day He started out at to have some peace and quiet! We need to be more like Jesus. According to Mark 1:35, 'Very early in the morning while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house, found a solitary place and prayed!'

We don't even need to leave the house, all we need to do is obey His ways and get up early, find a comfortable place and pray and immerse ourselves in His word and be still and quiet.

Sure, my grands are busy kids, but in reality, hubs and I are busier....guitar one day a week, piano one day a week, bible study one day a week and scouts 2 days a week (every other week). Not all the kids have lessons , not on the same days or times, so they have time to relax. However, it is the adults who are exhausted running everyone around.

I wouldn't change most of it and I see the lessons are really paying off and they are practicing and evolving in their music and scouting. If they weren't I wouldn't pursue it any longer.

All I am saying is that if you want true peace and relaxation in your day, you should start out with praise, prayer and Thanksgiving.

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