Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Looking for Baby Boy Items and....

As many of my readers know, my son Adam has had difficulty finding work and the last few weeks working for the cab company, he has spent more money daily keeping the cab up than he has brought home.

At this writing, he and his wife are walking at a mall in Phoenix as their second child, a son is about to be born any day. They are unprepared for this and have done everything they can to save money just to pay rent and even share their apartment with is wives brother to help make ends meet.

They were in an auto accident a month ago and hit from behind by drunk driver and Adam has been unable to work as Katie has been on bed rest until they told her to go walking this evening.

I am wondering if any of my wonderful readers have baby boy things they no longer want or need? I have made them a blanket, changing pad, but they have nothing at all right now.

Also, if anyone would like to donate a few nice girl items for my granddaughter for Christmas....they tried to get on the Christmas Angel list with Salvation Army or a local church but were told the lists were full.

I don't get paid when I don't work, so my check for this payday will be slim. We are sending them some $$ for gas so they can get to church, some Christmas items and $$ for a tree.

If you live in Phoenix and can help them, please let me know. These 2 have really struggled the last year or so and have never asked us for anything. I know they would be grateful for anything. Adam told me today that his cab dispatcher bought the baby a new swing.

I am not asking for new items, gently used would be so appreciated.

Let me know if you have anything and I will get your their address.

Kind of like a virtual baby shower!

For my Phoenix readers, anyone know the cost of a small Christmas tree?


The Stucco Bungalow said...


Sadly we did not hold onto any of our baby things or I would be more than happy to contribute. I will keep your family in my thoughts ~

Rannyjean said...

Thats okay, I am only asking for things people no longer want! I appreciate your reading!