Monday, January 31, 2011

Basement 4

So, you remember how badly my basement looked a few weeks ago right? Well, here it is almost completely finished and the cost so far? Under $100.

The walls were painted with Glidden semi-gloss enamel in Barely Jade. Thanks to my wonderful friend Dawn, I moved some furniture around
and made a nice seating area.

The couch was moved from the wall to the middle of the room and is now facing the darker blue wall I showed a week or so back. You can see the closet that hubs put the shelves in a bit. We will be getting sliding closet doors for that in a few weeks.

There is still some construction going on in this area as you can treadmill is sitting in the middle of the area, the shop vac is still out and the little pink dresser is f
ull of fabric, batting, etc. I have been trying to sell for weeks along with the dresser!

Hubs has actually closed off the door on the side you can't see and dry walled it in. The curtain is a quilt I made to hang over the opening we just dry walled in, so I moved it to another closet opening without a door for now and an accordion door will go in its place in a few more weeks.

Lastly, the closet under the stairs is coming along very nicely and is actually 99% finished. The tools will be gone when hubs is done with all the drywall projects. The books in the front will be mailed off to my siblings as they were books my mom asked me to send them. I have sent them photo's now the books and those will be gone.

The closet bar will hold all our extra coats we have and there will be an accordian door here as well and it will be done and livable.

The biggies we will need to get are new ceiling tiles and trust me when I saw these will probably cost more than any other thing down here. I want them to be water proof, fire resistant and have some sound proofing. Trust me when I say it sounds like elephants living upstairs with the tiles we currently have and before we get new tiles, we have to tighten up our current grid and that isn't going to be easy.

The tiles are two feet by four feet and cost about $55 per box for ten tiles. The thing is there are probably over one hundred tiles in the entire ceiling, so they will be purchased one box at a time as we get the extra money. Finally, I want some kind of flooring to cover up the painted cement floor we have.

I would really love carpet, but being we have no heat in this area other than a wood-stove in the winter time it would be a non-ending mess. I never have been a lover of ceramic tile since the day my laundry room flooding living in Arizona and I went running across the tile floor in the kitchen, slipped fell on my face and slid into a wall, plus it is cold!

I think I am probably going to go with vinyl flooring and then another big rug so when the kids are down there, they have a place to lay if they want without feeling the cement underneath. I will talk to our local flooring shop which are awesome with suggestions.

My son and his family will be in tomorrow around noon, so for now, the basement is as good as it will get and they have a nice and clean place to hang out.


autumnesf said...

I second the vinyl with another throw rug for the kids on the floor. Its also a cheaper first option so if you change your mind in a couple years it won't hurt to redo it.

Chelsey said...

The basement is looking great. You'll have to post pictures again when the closet doors are up!

SocialStudiesSoubrette said...

Your organization is really coming along. Things are starting to look great. Isn't it nice when you actually see progress made? Enjoy your new space sweetie. You deserve it!