Saturday, January 8, 2011

I had sent out an Email earlier this week to my scout parents so the boys could work on a clean up project they will need for a badge and these 2 cuties are the only 2 that showed up. We had plastic bags & gloves and my 2 were the only 2 there.

The area they are standing in echoes and they love standing there shouting, however today it was covered in water so it didn't echo to much.

This area is next to the river and a lot of people hang out so I knew it would be a great place to pick up at. In about 10 minutes t
hey each had a bag full of garbage and were ready to go eat, it was cold outside!

I was watching this crow when the kids ran up to it and it took off, so I snapped it in flight and told them it wasn't nice to scare these birds as they are scavengers and also help us pick up garbage.

They informed me they were trying to give catch it, not scare it! Excuse me, I guess I don't know much! But I got lots of good nature pics like this one below of the red berry that was sitting all alone in the cold and chill!

Didn't see any nests in the area, but this little crow just didn't want to leave the area while we were there, he/she flew back and forth but I did notice that he had a choice worm once, so it must have been a good place for it to eat.

Did I mention the temperatures while we were doing this was in the low thirties? It was ice cold, but the sky was blue (for a few minutes) and there was no wind.

In the end, we did what every person that comes out to our park should do, we walked over to the garbage can that is very visible in the area and we deposited out garbage where it should be, in the trash can and not on the ground.
The kids were very sad that so many people just throw their garbage on the ground when there is a garbage can so very close they could easily walk to. In the end, they did great and were rewarded with an awesome rainbow!

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autumnesf said...

YOu know, its funny how the scout parents will bend over backwards to get them to an entertainment event...but can't seem to find the time to get them to a service event. Too sad.