Sunday, February 27, 2011


No, we did not have an earthquake, but living in an area that is prone to have some real shakers, has volcanoes that blow their tops and flooding, it made me wonder, how prepared are the people that live in my community and what does the county or city do to help educate them?

In our home, we have 3 battery operated radios, wall candles and extra candles, varying sizes of flashlights and lots of extra batteries, plastic ware, paper products, extra quilts and blankets, medications are kept well in advance so nothing happens. We have a generator, lots of firewood, propane for the grill and small cook stove, we have dried foods, oatmeal, soups, granola, dried fruit, first aid kit and water frozen in the freezer:
#1- To keep the freezer and fridge cold should we loose power
#2-To have water when it thaws

We have walking sticks, emergency paperwork in a portable file and other things we can grab and run with. The last disaster in this area left Aberdeen cut off from power for 3+ days & that included ice and gasoline, no one could get into town or out the roads were closed from trees down and flooding.

Many people were not and probably still are not prepared and when I talk to people, they laugh at me. This is not a laughing matter. We should always be prepared. If you can't afford an RV as an extra place to live, have ready a pop-up tent to use until your home is safe again or there is shelter available.

Don't get caught unprepared and always, if they tell you to leave the area, go when the getting out is safe and easy!


Scrappy quilter said...

I agree, always be prepared. Where we live, we get huge snowstorms, wind and ice storms and even tornadoes in the summer. Being prepared is one of the best things you can do for your family. Great reminder!! Hugs

autumnesf said...

I think the NO GAS is the number one thing people don't realize when it comes to emergencies. Everyone seems to think...we'll just go __________. But anyone thats been in true emergencies knows better. Roads impassible or just massive traffic jams are usually the norm in those situations. I can't tell you how many people I've seen run out of gas while stuck in traffic jams during hurricane evacs. Its terrrible. And the stations without power CANNOT pump gas and the ones with run out of gas and no trucks are coming to replenish.

We aren't as set up as I'd like to be here but we still do well. We have the large drink coolers we fill with water (ask me how many winter storms we went through this drill with this year). I keep the oil lamps in the house along with the candles and battery operated lanterns. We have the tent if nec., the stoves. We don't have any meds that we couldn't live without but we buy three months at a time. I will have to do the frozen water as we have a chest freezer. Do not own a generator yet but we haven't settled in our own home yet either being military. I also dont have the room to stockpile on food in this house so I just do the best I can on that. That's the one that makes me nervous. Not sure if we have a crank radio -- I think we do but I wouldn't swear on it.

My advice to anyone with camping gear is to keep it stored front and center in the garage...even in winter. We get into it constantly during winter storms and electricity loss.