Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Handmade Blessings Are The Best

So, I am heading out to the mailbox in the pounding hail (go figure) and I open my front door and find this huge box sitting on the front porch. I am trying to think who sent it, when I see it came from our old and dear neighbor in Arizona.

The kids called her and still do, Grandma Shirley and they have many wonderful memories of the times she took care of them and they still call her once in awhile.

So, I am thinking what on earth did she send and when we opened the box, let me tell you, it was nothing more than pure handmade love! It seems she called a few weeks back while I was gone and wanted to know the kids favorite colors...she remembered the 2 girls, but wanted to make sure she got Jon's right!

Handmade crocheted afghans with their names on them. Here you can Ms. Gator smiling through her blanket and she loves the black trim and her name in black, they are twin sized and with temps expected to drop tonight, these will be great!

This one is done in all red at brothers request, so you can't see how wonderful and long his name is on it, but trust me it is there and as you can see, it took two to hold this one up.

Lastly, the oldest ones done up in two shades of green, her favorite color since I can remember. She is all tucked cozily away for the night....well, pretending to be.

The picture on the wall behind her is of her dad, mom and her during better times when she was very tiny and very young. She cherishes that picture because she knows it was a very good time in their life.

Handmade love, nothing more special than this


Paula said...

What wonderful gifts! Nothing says love like something homemade. Unfortunately, I can't make anything like an afghan, quilt etc. I wish I had paid more attention to my mom's crocheting and sewing.
I do love to bake and cook. My homemade gifts this year were homemade apple butter, sweets and breads. YUM!

Scrappy quilter said...

What a great gift for the kids. What a special "grandmother". I love those kind you just become grandmothers out of love. Hugs

Rebecca said...

What wonderful and thoughtful gifts. :) still have an afghan my Grandma crocheted for me when I was young. It's a favorite!

Rocknquilts said...

Thoughtfulness is a quality to be admired. How very nice!

Patty said...

How wonderful. What a sweetheart