Monday, February 28, 2011

I Need Your Help...No-Reply Emails

I am not sure how to correct this from your end, but I do believe you can go into blogger and change your settings somehow.

I love getting Email and I am very good at sending quick replies. However, I get so frustrated and disappointed when I receive a 'no-reply,' Email, because then I can't respond back to you.

I also note some people just highlight their signature and it goes to their blog so I can respond and that is good. Please, if you are responding and want a response back, don't leave a no reply.

With that said, our newest winner if Angie from Jeff and Angie's, however, I have no email to respond. Soooooooooo, Angie if you see this, please send me a way to contact you so I know what you want for first prize.

Second....well, until I know what Angie's choice is, I can't really say.

Thank you all and please try to make it so I can respond back to your comments!


Scrappy quilter said...

You know I had the same thing "no reply" e-mail. Someone mentioned it on a blog and I seen it. Now I get e-mails and love it. Congrats to the winners. Hugs

Kim-A Creative Spirit said...

I agree, I LOVE to reply to my comments but can't when it is a no reply. I know some people just always reply on their blog, and if your readers click on subscribe by email they will get your reply that way.... sometimes a lot of work....:o)