Friday, February 25, 2011

Raised Washer & Dryer

If any of you own a front loading washer and dryer and like myself, didn't purchase the platform drawer with the set because $100 each after paying over $1000 each for a front loader is a giant corporate rip off...

Here is your it yourself, save money!

My hubby raised my washer and dryer by 13" so I wouldn't have to bend and stoop to do laundry due to my back issues.

He built a box out of plywood and then lifted the washer and dryer up on the box. Wow! I am so impressed!

As you can tell, my laundry room is down in the basement and where it is located, the block wall and pipes are not to high up. The hot water tank sits right in front of these, so I had a difficult time getting a really great picture, but I think you can tell how nice this is going to be and it will save my back so much strain and pain.

I have always thought my hubs would make a great rent a husband, but then....we wouldn't get anything done around our home.

Yep! I am loved!

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Scrappy quilter said...

I love it when our men can save us money. My hubby is the same way...there isn't anything that man can't do to help in the budget area. I'm always amazed at what he comes up with. Kuddos to your hubby.