Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday...Awesome!

So, yesterday was Super Bowl Sunday and was there any doubt the Packers would win? What did I know, I haven't watched a football game for years and the only reason I would watch the Super Bowl was for the commercial and now you can see them on the net after the game...soooooooooooo, I cooked! Fried chicken and potato and macaroni salads for after the game and when hubs came home.A huge helper and hugs and thanks go to my daughter-in-law Katie for helping the youngest granddaughter catch up on all her homework while I cooked and when dinner was done, Katie helping clean up the house and the mess. It was nice to not have to do it all myself!

Here is Papa with the babies. He is so good with the little ones and this was the first time little Jeanne went right to him and let him pick her up. Poor baby, she has been pretty over whelmed this week what with flying to a new place and then meeting face to face on a daily basis with 5 strangers.

I love this pic of my hubby and the baby. They both look so relaxed and how wonderful it would be if we could all look this comfortable when we fall asleep.

On second thought, don't we all once in awhile really wish we could just crawl up on someones lap and rest like this?

Here are 2 silly girls and they are pretty much inseparable when Aly isn't in school. The only problem we are having is getting her to stop carrying the little one around all over. But, next week, sadly, they will be going home, so I am just letting her enjoy the visit!

No, he wasn't in pain here, my son hates having his picture taken and this was the best shot I could get. With both hands on his son, he couldn't cover his face!

The oldest one was telling us a story and I just happened to catch this wonderful expression while she was expounding on it.

Yes, it was a Super day at our home and in spite of whether your team won or lost, I truly hope you had a super day as well!


autumnesf said...

I'm not much for football myself but we did have the house full of snacks. I snuck off to the bedroom and read most of the day. Didn't even feel like quilting.

SocialStudiesSoubrette said...

We love football and definitely wanted the Packers to win so we were happy as larks. Fried chicken? I so need to come to your house! Southern comfort food at it's best ;D