Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sweet Valentine Treats

I simply cannot keep this secret any longer (not that I did in the first place...but my dear blogger friends, if you are looking for something special for a birthday card, an anniversary, teachers gift at the end of the year, you should run and not dawdle over to Melinda's Fabric Fancies and put in your order!

I met Melinda several years ago when I was first getting started in blogging and I met her through an apron swap. We hit it off right away as we were both raising our grandchildren and living in Washington. I loved the snow, she hated it! Then, tragedy struck in Melinda's life and somehow, she managed to keep moving forward and still love life!

Because she was struggling financially and I had seen all her beautiful work and crafts I asked her if she could make some special Valentine cards for my grands teachers and lucky for all of us, she agreed! Love was born that day....her work is so special and beautiful, you have to love it and when you get to know Melinda, you love her as well.

This is the third year in a row that Melinda has made teacher Valentines and the teachers love them so much. Could I do it? Yes, I am sure I could, but I never seem to have the time with all my other projects and she does such a wonderful job....her prices are to her about them.

The first year she made them, she was embarrassed to ask for money, but the effort and love put into her creations, we settled on a price. Melinda moved from Washington to Utah, her grandchildren were given back to their mom and she met a wonderful man and married.................scratch that......she got married and just a few months ago, the dude left her high and dry for an older woman he met on the net!

Melinda is doing her best to carry on and keep a smile on her face. She has had a tough month (she works in sales) and could use the extra work. So, if you are a true believer as I am in 'Handmade,' then visit Melinda, tell her you came from my blog and I guarantee, whatever she makes you, you will be happy!

This year, she asked me first and then asked for teachers favorite colors and here is what I received in the mail yesterday:

The camera does not do these justice. The red one looks like a miniature birds nest with the 2 little pearls and feathers. They are all beautiful, but this has to be my fav!

Melinda can turn scraps and selvedges into things I have never imagined. Ahhhhhhhhh a true artist!

How about this little gal all done up in green lace and buttons with a simply adorable old fashioned valentine beauty on it. How did she ever know this teacher loves frills and will be ecstatic. BTW Mel, this teacher has taught the kids before, so this will be her second one!

The purple one just shines with style and the teacher that is getting this will be overwhelmed with happiness, she loves handmade items and we know you can't beat Melinda's.

This pink one is for an older teacher and I happen to know personally that the doily on this one is going to be perfect for her and she will cherish it forever! Once again, how does she know these things?

Was that enough? Oh no, with Melinda, she always goes the extra mile for those she makes things for and she made these cute little tags so the kids can personalize their cards!

Then, as a final Melinda gesture, she tucked them into the envelope with this adorable little handmade card:

Out of her pain and the ashes of the past few years, my friend and many others friend has turned to art and beauty.

Please, if you need handmade cards or gifts, talk to Melinda, she will make you proud! She does us every year!

Thanks my dear friend!


Melinda Cornish said...

wow! what praise.....I am glad the kids love them...I enjoy doing them for is a tradition now.

Quiltingranny said...

Yes and how wonderful to start new traditions!

SocialStudiesSoubrette said...

Gorgeous work. A God given talent. Thank you for sharing her with us.