Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Another Step Closer To Hippity Hopping Away

Here it is, one more step closer to hippity hopping away to its new owner. I just love the way the colors all blend together and the expression I was able to put on this little bunny girls face.

In between picking up the house, dropping kids off at school, putting in job applications and sending off resumes...going to the local unemployment office, picking a child up for piano lessons, going back to school to pick up the others, dropping off Girl Scout cookie money....I was able to put the main part of this quilt together!

This pattern was designed by Jeree McDade, is called: 'Will Work for Eggs' and was found in McCall's Quick Quilt magazine from March 2005. No, I am not a hoarder, I keep the patterns I hope to use someday in vinyl page protectors in several notebooks and when the mood hits me, I make what I see. The original used lighter block and egg colors, but I love the deeper purples and the pink bunny makes it pop!


Scrappy quilter said...

I do the same with patterns I find. I tear them out and keep them in a folder for future use. I don't have the room to keep the whole magazine. Glad you were able to get more done even with everything you had on your schedule. Hugs

Marcia W. said...

Your eggs in purple are so cute. I like to save the entire single magazine we subscribe to and re-read over and over.
This is my catch-up reading of your blog, so need to keep moving along.