Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Operation Blanket Japan -Open My Eyes Lord

My grandchildren are the most kind hearted, generous, gentle, God loving children I and many others have ever known. They accept people for who they are and not what they are and they see circumstances like no other children I know.

Dinner conversation last night:
'Ranny (that's what they call me), you know there are people in Japan who are very cold right now because they don't have any house to live in or any blankets.'

'Yes, sweeties, I know, it is very sad.'

'Ranny, you helped make blankets for the orphans in Sierra Leone and got other people to help didn't you?'

I am beginning to feel a bit squirmy right now as the conversation continues....'yes, it took almost 2 years, but they are all done and I can rest now.'

'But Ranny, if you did that, can't you get people to help make blankets for the people in Japan?'

I launch into an explanation of how there are millions of people and I am only one person and I can't make millions of blankets or quilts and who would we send them to, how would they get there?

'God will send someone there to take the blankets if you make them!'

So, last night I prayed for guidance in this matter. 'Father, you know I hurt and ache all the time, you know I am slower in my quilting than I ever have been, I can't do this on my own, but I will follow where You lead me.'

This morning,I have contacted Convoy of Hope, Save the Children and asked them if they could take quilts to Japan if we could get them to them? I am waiting to hear back and I'm sorry, but I did say we.

Here is what I am thinking....I already know of 2 people I can 100% count on to make at least 2 blankets, plus myself so that could work out to 6 right out of the gate.

According to my followers, I have 203 last time I checked and while not all are quilters, some only became followers to win a giveaway, few contact me, however I know several read me regularly....I will be contacting each one over the next few days and asking them to make a quilt or blanket and ask friends, family and others to do the same.

When I have the information I need from the charities I contacted, I will post it and let everyone know. I am calling this quilting endeavor:
Operation Blanket Japan.

Whose on board with me? Anyone? I only want serious takers and I am not asking for excuses. If you can't do it, I understand but I also do not need a comment left that you can't. I want comments telling me you are on board.

I have seen the babies and children....lets aim for 50 infant quilts, 50 toddler quilts and 50 twin quilts to start.

If you are interested, just use the McLinky here, place your name & blog address and what size quilt or blanket you will make or donate and post this to your own blog. Lets see how many quilts we can make for the people in Japan.

Lets also remember to KISS...Keep it simple sweetie! Remember, the goal here is to make them warm and durable, not fancy...if you already have some sitting around you want to donate...AWESOME!!

I will post here later on where these can be sent to...


scrappy quilter said...

That is so sweet even though you can't send quilts there. Kids are wonderful, aren't they. I think that's we are told "unless we become like little children..." Hugs

Rocknquilts said...

You absolutely can send quilts to Japan - just send them to Quilter's Newsletter no later than April 30th, 2011 and they'll ship them over there for you! Check out the address and tie quilt tutorial here:

HOMEmomMADE said...

I linked to your cause, it will post this Friday in my Make & Share series .)

This is really great!