Saturday, April 23, 2011

Day#18 Of 30 Day Photo Challenge - A Picture and A Letter

Talking to my friend John yesterday evening, he asked me what the picture was for today. I told him a picture and a letter and then thought back to all those old love letters my husband sent me over the years that I had stored away and finally one day, took them all to the garage and burnt them. Couldn't use any of those, I didn't have them anymore. I am not a real sentimental person & don't save cards, so that was out. Hmmmm??

Sooner or later, I think we all realize those blazing passionate letters some of us received from our service men far away are not something we want to leave to someone else to run across and read someday. I know some of them would make me blush from the grave.

I thought and thought and finally remembered my son (the grands daddy) had just sent a huge letter to us last week and it was sitting next to my desk and on my desk was the letter that Angel Tree sent out in January about the children and with their picture.

It clicked. This was the picture I would take and post. A picture of 3 little children that love their dad so much and miss him so much and cry at night for him because it hurts so much. They don't like that he is in prison, it isn't their fault, they don't like what he did to get there, but he is their daddy and they love him and I hope this picture conveys a dads love for his children though he cannot see them at this time.

I hope it conveys hope as he is reaching out to them to let them know how much he loves them, how wrong he was, how he wants to change...for them. I hope it gives others hope, because none are so blind as those of us who can't see the love children have for their parents, no matter how they treat them or what their circumstances are!

Angel Tree is a wonderful ministry that does their best to bring incarcerated parents and their children together through in prison ministry and Christmas giving. I have said this over and over again to people who don't believe in what Angel Tree does....the children didn't ask for this, they don't understand it all and they are the ones who are suffering. Why make them suffer more?

I hope it gives hopes to parents, sister, brothers, aunts, uncles and grandparents that in spite of our circumstances we need to be like these 3 children and accept that none of us are perfect, but we all deserve to be loved and never forgotten!

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What a wonderful post!! Hugs