Sunday, April 10, 2011

Deadline April 15th...Not Taxes

I wanted to remind everyone who may be participating in Operation Blanket Japan that Quilters Newsletter has requested if possible all quilts be mailed out no later than April 15th as they would like to have them out by April 30th.

Here is my third complete quilt and as you can see, they can be any size and you can make a great quilt without going into to much detail. This quilt was made using the scrap fabric I had left over from the Hippity Hoppity quilt and I love the colors.

I have had this backing for several years and it was just the right size for the quilt without having to cut any off or have scraps left over and the purples bring out and match the purples in the front.

For a binding, I used a blue batik to bring out the blues and purples and did a checkerboard stitch in the ditch.

This one will be great for a toddler or small child.

Today, I will start making a larger quilt using the same technique and sewing fat quarters together. I am hoping to get all 4 quilts in the mail on or before the 15th.

While I didn't get to my targeted 6-10, I think helping 4 people is better than sitting around and helping none!

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Scrappy quilter said...

My two are going in the mail this week. Fortunately I can send mine to Calgary which is so much closer and will get there quicker. Your quilts are great. Hugs