Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Not My Home, But The Lord's Home

This is my earthly home, I went outside a few minutes ago in the hail to snap a quick picture for this posting.
I love the colors, they are a muted purple and blue and lots of vanilla trim. It helps to break up the bleak and drab colors of winter.

I can take no credit for the front door decor or the window shelf, both were my hubbies ideas and I love th
at he is so good at doing things like this.

But, this is just my earthly home. It isn't a mansion but it is on a hilltop and I feel safe here. It is an old home and requires lots of work and at times I become very depressed because it does require so much work.

And this, is the home across the street that was occupied for over 70 years by our neighbor who recently passed away.

This home has a large yard (ours has none), this home has a large kitchen (mine doesn't), it has a wonderful enclosed front porch (ours also has a wonderful front porch though not enclosed), it has a garage and driveway all its own (ours is shared).

Our beloved neighbor is gone to be with Jesus and his family is selling it and I truly want this home for so many reasons....no more neighbor issues over a driveway they want to share, but refuse to maintain, no more dogs in my yard from my neighbors, more room for the grands, a yard for the grands, real heat and not fire wood. Not as many repairs.

The problem is, we have no down payment and no credit for this home and while I would love to be able to move all my stuff across the street, it would take a miracle to do so. During one recent talk with the Lord regarding how much I really want to move out of our old home, it became apparent that God wants me to first accept where I am.

'Stop being so impatient and take care of what I have given you.' Uh, God, is that you or am I having a nervous breakdown? Wow! That was profound. I have gotten into this funk lately well maybe for quite awhile that I just have no will power to do anything and all I seem to do is exist and yet, my family loves me so much!

So, I have been taking care of my home, I have been cleaning, cooking and planting. God tells us there is a time to sow and a time to reap and more than anything, He tells us that everything in our life is predetermined and must be in sequence with His timing and not ours.

We must be willing to accept where He has us at the moment and be obedient to His word and teachings. We must accept and call home wherever God has chosen to plant us. I have always been a gypsy at heart, always wanting to move from home to home, place to place, never wanting to stay put for very long. I don't know why, but it seems I am always being propelled to move forward...always for a season and always for a reason, but never for a lifetime.

My lifetime home will be with Jesus. Right now, my home on earth is very temporary and I must take care of it to show God I am grateful for the blessings He has given me, show God that I can take care of what I have and be a blessing to others when they enter my home.

Home is not just where our hearts are, home is where God has us at any given moment. We need to accept that in spite of the floor needing cleaned, the laundry needing to get done, the floor needing replaced, the electrical needing replacement. In spite of what you are going through or what you are living in, God put each of us where we are at for a reason.

Thank you Jesus, for not always giving me what I want or what I think is good for me, but what You know is what I need.


Scrappy quilter said...

AMEN my friend. Great words of wisdom. Hugs

Brenda said...

if it is meant to be, God will show you the way. Maybe sell your home to get the down payment? Things will work out for the best:)

Melinda Cornish said...

I needed to hear this too Jean...Thanks for writing it....I am moving again....don quit paying the mortgage bless his heart...Of course I didnt know until the bank called....

sunrooms northern ireland said...

Continue to dream maybe someday God will gave you what you ask for, maybe double the fun. Things will work out in God's will.