Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Operation Blanket Japan Update

For those wondering how Operation Blanket Japan is going, here are some pictures from Dana over at Quilters Newsletter she posted on her blog. Perhaps, you can recognize one of the boxes you shipped out!

She said the UPS guy is bringing them in by the dollifuls (I know its not a word). Oh, you all should be so proud of yourself for this and PLEASE, do not think, oh well, they have enough....there will never be enough until they are blanketed.

I just knew someone would come up with an idea on how to get quilts over to Japan and if any of my readers live in the Colorado area near Golden, Dana said they will need some help getting them ready for shipping to Japan.

This is just amazing to me. A group even drove a bunch of quilts to their headquarters from Utah. Rock on quilters, we can and do blanket those in need, one stitch at a time!

Dana passed on that they just don't have the time or power to let everyone know individually if their quilts arrived safely, so if you are worried about yours and want to make sure it arrives, send it out with confirmation.

This is just the encouragement I needed to keep working on more quilts! How about ya'all? Let me know if you sent any quilts and send me pictures, I would love to be able to share them with readers!

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Scrappy quilter said...

Isn't it just the coolest. Hugs