Monday, April 25, 2011

Our Easter

We spent Easter yesterday at my oldest sons ex-in laws home and we had so much fun. They are long time dirt bike competition and motorcycle riders and the grands (and my son and his ex-wife) had a blast. First, there was a wonderful luncheon of BBQ chicken, shrimp salad, fresh fruit, so much food and wonderful table conversation.

Then the kids went on a 75 egg Easter hunt and I am not sure they found them all but our little Aly found the Golden egg that held $1, there were little gifts hidden here and there as well. There was no fighting and arguing, they all were trying to find and help each other find the eggs.

From the egg hunt, we ventured across the highway from their home where they own some acreage and Rick (grandpa/ex father in-law) blessed the kids by spending the rest of the day in the off and on rain teaching the 3 grands that I am raising how to ride a dirt bike.

This picture on the right is of Jan and 2 of our grands and one of mine, however, by the end of the day, I think Jan and Rick were grandma and grandpa to all the kids!

This bottom photo is of my oldest son and his 2 girls, 2 nieces and nephew. They were all so happy to have him visiting!

He leaves to go back home on Tuesday. He is going to college and has some medical issues to deal with, however he and his family attended a very long counseling session while he has been here and it looks at this time that they may become a family again. I really hope they do. I believe with all they have been through that the Lord will bless them in the future.

The last photo on the right is of Rick and my granddaughter. He was so wonderful and patient with all 3 of the kids, he walked them around the track, talking to them the entire time on how to work the clutch, brake and you know they came home begging their Papa to buy them a dirt bike.

You know how they say if you tell a woman you will buy her new kitchen flooring that she will need new cabinets, appliances, curtains, dishes, etc.? This request is like that. We would have to buy a trailer, then property to ride on, then a toy hauler...

It was so much fun and my friend John came along with me since hubs couldn't make it and oh my some of the old memories he brought up that I had forgotten about. You know it is funny when we see things or wish we could be like someone else, or that life would have been hit reality though when someone as John did tells you...'then you and I wouldn't be friends now, because that is not who I would have enjoyed being around and besides, that is NOT who you are.' Reality check here!

At the end of the day, Grandpa Rick was exhausted, my grandson could barely move as he was exhausted, on the way home, 2 of the grands crashed and slept, we arrived safely and John called me last night to let me know he made it home safely.

I hope all of your Easters went as wonderful as ours!


Scrappy quilter said...

Sounds like an absolutely wonderful Easter. I'm so glad you were able to spend it with family. Hugs

Amy said...

looks like a great time!