Monday, April 11, 2011

School Bans Home Made Lunches

You absolutely must read this news article:

I cannot believe a school would be so blatant to think they can dictate that parents must purchase their idea of a healthy lunch. Since when is white bread, canned fruit, processed cheese and strawberry milk healthy?

Even if the picture they show is only that, let me tell you that kids won't eat most of it anyway. My kids are savvy, they have brought me home packets of carrots and apples that were expired months before they were served at school! How can I be told there is nothing wrong with little wrinkled white coated carrots? GROSS!!

Breakfast at school: Waffles with syrup and about cold cereal or a pastry, those are really healthy. For lunch lets have corn dogs and tater tots or how about cinnamon churro's?

I may not always serve a healthy lunch, but I do my best to pick good foods the kids like. When they tell me I can't pack a lunch or I have to buy school lunches, I will bring the kids home at lunch time!


Pam said...

Oh my this makes me angry. Thank you Michelle. We give too much power to our government. I can't believe that the parents at that school are going along with this. This has to be stopped before we have no freedom left!

autumnesf said...

Now, if I didn't feed my kid every school day at lunch I'm pretty sure that is grounds for calling Child Protective Services with an abuse allegation. And its ok for the school to do it????? Because my kid might eat one out of every five meals they would try to give her.

Loved the thought of bringing the kids home for lunch...but you know they would ban that also.

I wonder how much longer it will be before home schooled kids outnumber public school kids? At least for those not living on government assistance. (Because you know they would end up tying your welfare check to the number of days your kid was in public school somehow if it gets to that.)

China must be laughing their butts off at us as we slide into the socialism/communist practices that FAILED and crippled so many other nations. They must think we are idiots.

Queen of the Unfinished Project said...

Yeah, I saw that too... It kind of upset me, especially after looking at the picture of the so-called "healthier" lunch. I personally think that anyone who declares ketchup a vegetable immediately forfeits all rights to telling me what to feed anyone! I would have to seriously protest if a school pulled that with my kid... Don't have to worry for a few more years, thank goodness...

Peggi said...

I heard a talk show host discussing this story on the radio today. His question, aimed at the so-called adults who made this decision, was perfect:

"Who the HELL do you think you are?"

These schools are supposed to be teaching my children, NOT parenting them. How DARE they presume that they can provide better nutrition than I do. Shall I mention the fact that the chicken these schools purchase to feed our children has been REJECTED by McDonalds as too poor in quality to feed their customers?

I'm with autumnesf. Home schoolers are soon going to outnumber public school kids!