Thursday, April 21, 2011

So Proud Of Our Pianist

These are the 5 ribbons our youngest granddaughter came home with yesterday from piano lessons. As I posted last week, she participated in music Olympics and this was amazing. The local piano teachers and the college get together and put this on and the children and adults must participate in the following events:
-Ear training (High notes, low notes, piano chords, etc.) She scored 77%
-Technique (I don't know about this one because parents weren't allowed in the room, they were large enough for piano, teacher and students) 72.5%
-Rhythm (Ditto above) 95% (Makes sense since she loves dancing as well)
-Solo (Didn't have a grade, but I would say 100% because she didn't miss a note and was on beat!)
-Written Theory 70%

While she didn't pass written theory, she is my hero for the day for trying as her piano instructor and herself decided she wouldn't do it because she was having a difficult time understanding it. I worked with her which is a fete in itself because I know nothing about music, reading notes, etc. and her piano teacher worked with her and she went in and gave it her best shot!

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Scrappy quilter said...

Congrats on such high scores. Hugs