Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Something I Want To Do Before I Die -Day 14 Photo Challenge

As a child my family never missed a chance to take a vacation every summer and we would pile into the station wagon, rent a small travel trailer and off we would go. I never understood the travel trailer because all of us kids slept outside in a tent, we all ate outside, my parents and grandparents played cards outside...but it was shelter for them at night and my grandparents couldn't sleep on the ground.

Sorry, off track a tad bit! We never knew where we would stop, but we always knew we were going to my dads family in Washington...Blaine, Lynden,Bellingham, Samamish Island, Whidbey Island. Oh, the adventures we had...swimming in the frigid waters of Lake Tahoe, traveling through and seeing the great Salt Lake, always stopping by Grants Pass in Oregon and staying a few days for fishing, the Redwoods of California.

Back then and yes I do mean, back then...it was the norm for people to smoke and smoke my parents did, in a locked up car with the air conditioning on and the windows rolled up and my grandmother hated it. By the time we would arrive to my other grands home, I was so sick I couldn't hold my head up.

The first day or two I had to always spend with my paternal grandma while off everyone went to visit places I had always dreamed of.........Butchart Gardens in Victoria, British Columbia. Back then, it didn't require a passport. Now, with the cost of passports it will be awhile.

So, before I die, just once, I would love to see Butchart Gardens between spring and summer. Enjoy this video!


Scrappy quilter said...

It's a beautiful place and a wonderful dream. Hope it all turns out for you. Hugs

Vicki said...

Passports may cost some, but they are good for 10 years. When we (I) decide I want to take a trip I have an old purse that I stash in the back of my closet and throw all my loose change.
For many years this "change" was my daughter's spending money....maybe you could do that to save for a passport.