Monday, May 30, 2011

Getting Ready To Move...

I have been working on my granddaughters biscuit quilt over the past few days, but today after completing the fifth row of biscuits, I realized, I have to move.

Downstairs that is to the basement where I have a secondary sewing area for larger projects.

My area you can see here used to be a coat closet in the living room and then my hubs turned it into a pretty cool sewing area for me, my friend John donated the paint, my friend Deb the picture in the background, Dayna gave me the Singer and Ott donated the light.

However, for larger projects like this, I must go into the basement where my Brother machine is and cabinet and no walls around me to bunch everything us.

This quilt when it is done, will be huge!


Home Made Quilts By Granny said...

I see a piece of fabric that I used in my granddaughters quilt..the pink with butterflys. Trish

Quiltingranny said...

Thanks Trish, that is what is going on with me, I keep getting routed to set up a blog and when you go to blogspot it gives me the message it is not longer a valid site!