Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Praying Sisters

I am never amazed at the great work that God performs, He tells us He will take care of us better than the flowers or birds, so we can expect He will keep His word.

I have been a part of a ladies Bible study since September and the sorrows and pains we have give to the Lord has been returned with happiness and blessings and our little groups have blossomed into wonderful caring, praying and sharing support groups for each other.

While I can't go into each group, ours each night prays itself out for the week and the anointing on these women as they pray for each one of us can be felt throughout our group.

Last night one of the members spoke the word into me as she sad that each time she began our Bible study this past week on finances and how God provides, she kept seeing me all over and that made her realize that while she doesn't want me to leave the area (I am trying to get a new job elsewhere), she wants Gods will over my life and my families.

She prayed for the burden to be lifted off my husbands shoulder and that God lock tightly any doors He doesn't want me to walk through and toss open widely the one He does so I will know without a doubt where I am to be and to go.

We have seen women sow seed into an area and that part of their life come to fruition, the unsaved become saved, the non-believer become a believer, very sick people become healed, families to be knit back together. It has been a ride of pain and revelation for all of us.

Our group began as very strong willed women wary of what to reveal to each other, to very strong willed women working for each other through prayer.

It has been an amazing journey and as our season comes to a close until September while people pursue their summer activities, I can only hope that our group at least once a month gathers for love, sharing and prayers.

If you don't have a Ladies prayer group or Bible study you are a part of, find one, the blessings you receive as well as the blessings you pass forward will be amazing!

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