Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Another Long Drive

Once again for the fourth time in as many weeks, I am heading out for a long drive two counties over for the hopes of gaining permanent full-time out of the house employment. The fact that this is my fourth trip over is a positive thing in my mind!

As you all know for many years I was an emergency police/fire dispatcher and then they changed our titles to telecommunications operators, but those of us who do/did the job love it! I wasn't always perfect, I made mistakes, I over extended myself but I love the job, the people and I am proud to say no one ever got hurt on my watch. A few of the newbies got lost, but I knew where to send officers when they gave me what little information from what they could see.

You see, a good telecommunications operator actually gets out of her box and drives all over the area she works and learns streets, markers, neighborhoods, etc. and I was one of those good operators. I knew my way in and around not only my city, but the neighboring cities as well.

It is not an easy process. It is not a short process. It is not a time to be in a hurry for a job process.
My first job, I passed the tests, the medical side, the drug tests, the interview, the oral boards and someone else was given the job. I tested again for another agency and just as we were about to make a decision to move, the first agency offered me the career I held for over twelve years!

So, I have been through several testing phases, the panel interview and now...the long drive over to meet with a background detective. Trust me when I say if you think you can lie or cover something up to get this won't! I know that because I assisted our team in doing background checks and I would dig everything up I could. So, if you ever have to go through a background investigation...honesty isn't the best policy, it is the ONLY policy.

Most of the time, people are honest, but it amazed me at how many of those weren't and were always shocked by what we found out what they were hiding. Then again on the other hand, you could do people a favor when you discovered someone else was using their seems to easy to do now a days and so hard to get rid of the problem when it happens!

Me, I am an open book. So, I have all the things I believe I will need and a wonderful peaceful long drive over to just give me time to relax and enjoy the day.

P.S. I made the drive there and back in time to participate in my grands church BBQ and my ladies Bible study! I am getting so used to the drive, I know which curve in the road will show me a reduced or increased speed limit, I know where the best view of the canal is & of course, I know where the best gas prices are in three counties!

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