Thursday, June 23, 2011

Finding Gods Favor

Oh Lord Jesus, I ask that Your words be my words today, Your thoughts be my thoughts today and allow me to present this in a way that others understand. In Your Holy Name, Amen!

I have never thought taking on my grand children and raising them was anything short of doing what a family does when they need to, stepping up to the plate, being there and getting things done. All I know is they needed someone and we were there and not a day goes by that I am not thankful for being able to care for them.

On the other hand, it never fails to amaze me how many people believe doing this is something special. To me, it isn't anymore special that taking your child to the doctor when they are sick or reaching out to someone in need. We do what needs to be done, that is what families are for.

So many people tell me how blessed the children are, how wonderful we are, you are doing something many people can't, God will bless you and your husband. To me, everyday I know these children are safe and happy, I am blessed.

Recently however, I have seen Gods hands in so many areas of my life, that it is without a doubt, we are reaping our harvest with the seeds we have sown. Which seeds, I do not know, but something is happening and God is showing us favor.

I have sold one of my quilts (I know it is only one), but I sold it and that is an accomplishment for me. I have sold things in my home that have needed to go and it doesn't bother me to do so. We have had a few dollars come in here and there and unknown why, but the timing has Gods hands all over it.

God wants to bless us, to give us favor to have our cups runneth over so full we can't contain our blessings. Look what he did for Joseph when he was in prison. He put him in charge of all the prisonsers. That may not be a blessing to you, but take it from this mom who has had sons in prison, if you are in charge, you are blessed!

I don't do the things I do thinking God is going to bless me, I do them because they are the right things to do. When we moved to Aberdeen, I felt God wanted us here & I still believe that on so many levels and I can't explain it. Perhaps it is being in the right place to save someones life. Perhaps it was being a substitute teacher over and over again in a class a few years ago where I touched these childrens lives in such a way, one of the students spent over an hour the other day trying to find my house to thank me.

However, in order to receive Gods favor we must believe we deserve that favor! How many of us want to know why we have such chaos in our lives, but we seem to fall short of really and deeply believing we deserve good things from God!

When Gods favor is upon us, for no particular reason, people like you and want to bless you. Lately, I believe God is favoring our family. I sold a quilt, I sold a bread maker for a profit and the man gave me $5 extra for no apparent reason.

But it is much larger than that, it is so huge that only God can have His hand on this blessing. We have a couple that want to bless us with a beautiful home, larger than ours, a great yard, no more chopping wood. It came out of the blue, they know we are raising our grandchildren and because they have 10 of their own, they want to bless us with this home for a very decent price & they will carry the note.

The issue at hand, is while the deal is amazing, it is more than our current mortgage & hubby says we can't do it because my work at home job isn't bringing in enough money. We also have to many debts.

I have been asking the Lord to bless us with a home my husband would enjoy coming home to, wouldn't have to chop wood, they kids would have a yard to play in. It would be the best thing that happened to us since moving here.

So, with this blessing which has humbled my husband and I, if God wants us to be blessed in this way and I believe He does or He wouldn't have made this possible, then I have to believe that He will help us find the way.

There are other grandchildren right now in need of a safe place to live, we have been contacted by CPS the past few days. Are we willing to take on 1 or 2 more children? Yes, we are and I believe that is why this blessing is coming when it is.

Now, I need to believe with all my heart that we deserve it and that this is going to happen!

I can't say on my own I deserve Gods favor, but I can stand on Gods word which tells me He wants to bless us all. We need to stop ourselves from allowing the devil to tell us differently!


SocialStudiesSoubrette said...

Oh my what a blessed post! I think the Lord is most certainly favoring you my friend. I was immediately drawn to you and your love for the Lord. I am going to pray that the Lord will clearly show you his will concerning the house. I am so glad you are going to have more grans to love. A full quiver of children is a wondrous gift. Hugs to you my bloggy friend <3

autumnesf said...

Can't wait to see how God brings it all about!

Although I too believe that taking your grandchildren is just "what you do".....the majority of the rest of the world no longer feels like that. I don't understand it. We've become so selfish and so disconnected from extended families that people just don't do it anymore. That's why its a big deal that you do.

Good luck with the other grandchildren. I imagine your heart is soaring about now!